Alwin Thomas

Ps. Alwin Thomas

Ps. Alwin Thomas the chosen vessel of God, revolutionised praise and worship from a monotonous ritual and a cultic activity into a tangible realisation of the presence of God. Hailing from a simple and a humble Christian family and raised with the Christian values and principles, Pastor Alwin Thomas had a normal life with a good education, a Masters in Business Administration and a settled position in a multinational company with a lucrative salary and above all a happy and a blessed family. The unexpected crisis and the accompanying devastation it brought on his life and that of his family led him into a decision of ending his life along with his beloved wife leaving the girl child under the care of the grandparents.

The Sovereign Lord had other plans and intervened in his life by assuring that he was His chosen vessel and helped him to overcome the financial crisis that he was burdened with. As he committed his life for lord and in His service, he gave upon the rewarding position in order to be trained and mentored for the Master’s task. The vision given by God imparted in the heart and mind of the Pastor pressed him to be an agency of change and transformation for the perishing young men and women all across the nation with music and worship, prophetic preaching and energising words for the body of Christ from the Oracles of God and by making people to be delivered from the evil forces by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

As a dynamic and passionate worship leader, structured the patterns of worship and singing by incorporating dynamism and enthusiasm in the way praise and worship is offered unto the sovereign God. His coming marked a newer phase of reaching the young men and women with creative and novel methods of disseminating the Gospel of God and to bring glory unto God. Praise and worship is not to be a performativity endeavour but is a powerful tool of equipping, empowering and delivering people by the presence and power of the Triune God. This passion and mission enabled him to travel to nations to help people come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ by the dissemination of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He wants to make use of all the resources and means at his disposal to share the love of God to all people in the world.

By the grace of God he is used immensely to bring revival, rejuvenation and restoration in the body of Christ nationally and globally to conduct healing and revival crusades, conferences, and concerts to help people to know God. He is married to Joy Hannah who co- labours with him in life and in ministry. As a faithful steward she takes care of the ministries and the family. She is resolute, committed and persevering this mission of God along with Pastor. Alwin Thomas in the good times and in uneventful times. She is entrusted with the care of a happy family with two children Cherrie Michelle and Benny Thomas. As a family they are passionate in serving God and accompany Pastor Alwin Thomas in the ministries within India and outside India.