Freedom Crusade

Pastor. Alwin Thomas received clear instructions from the lord to conduct praise and worship crusades entitled “Freedom” to liberate young people from the yoke of sin and from slavery to christless entanglements. Freedom concerts makes use of music, singing, praise and worship, choreographic and other visual methods of presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and thereby releasing the breath of GOD, Ru-ah to deliver people from all bondages and to empower them as children of God to enjoy the freedom and life in Jesus Christ. Freedom concerts envisages to break the shackles of the enemy in the lives of the people and to set them as liberated ones by the resurrection power of our Lord. Scores of healing stories and testimonies of miracles and deliverance indeed testify to the faithfulness of our covenant making God, who fulfils that which was promised.

24 Freedom crusades were conducted all over the world in cosmopolitan cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Trivandrum, Gujarat Metropolitan centres like Coimbatore and Trichy, Sivakasi Ooty. Many churches forgoing their doctrinal positions were united to see the Ru-ah of God flooding their cities and towns to help young and old, men and women, educated and uneducated to be delivered from the evil powers and to enjoin the life, hope, peace, joy and above freedom in Jesus Christ. Freedom crusades by the grace of God has seeded the wave of revival and regeneration in the life of the church and in the believers.

It is our prayer and hope to conduct freedom crusades all across the world and we believe in using all of the resources that God has given to us in terms of health, life, money, technology, ideas, skills, and talents, partnership and networks and others to see people being delivered from the path to hell and to be inheritors of the eternal life in Christ.

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