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Freedom Crusades

Pastor. Alwin Thomas received clear instructions from the lord to conduct praise and worship crusades entitled “Freedom” to liberate young people from the yoke of sin and from slavery to christless entanglements. Freedom concerts makes use of music, singing, praise and worship, choreographic and other visual methods of presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and thereby releasing the breath of GOD, Ru-ah to deliver people from all bondages and to empower them as children of God to enjoy the freedom and life in Jesus Christ. Freedom concerts envisages to break the shackles of the enemy in the lives of the people and to set them as liberated ones by the resurrection power of our Lord. Scores of healing stories and testimonies of miracles and deliverance indeed testify to the faithfulness of our covenant making God, who fulfils that which was promised. 24 Freedom crusades were conducted all over the world in cosmopolitan cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Trivandrum, Gujarat Metropolitan centres like…

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Special Crusade

Special Crusades

As the name indicates it is special and unique happening for the benefit of Christian families and the body of Christ at large. Pastor. Alwin Thomas is involved in counselling and training exclusively for Christian families on Spiritual Parenting, Godly upbringing of children, interpersonal and intrapersonal counselling and guidance, other issues and concerns that are relevant for the edification and empowerment of the Christian homes. The special crusades are based on the special invitations. The sessions involve indepth study of the word of God and also involves practical training and education. These camps are meant for exclusive groupswith singing, praise and worship. It seeks to empower and energize them spiritually and socially, culturally and morally, physically and psychologically.



These are mega events meant for Christian leaders and Servants of God who needs special impartations of the Spirit of God and to receive prophetic oracles and guidances concerning their life and ministry. It involves understanding and evaluating the path journeyed by the body of Christ, the ways and means of synergising our energies and talents in fulfilling the Great Commission of the Lord and also about trampling the evil forces and spirits of darkness. The leaders feel the refreshing, energising and recuperating presence of God and charged with renewed vigor, commitment and conviction to do great things for the lord.

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