Israel Visit

Israel Visit

Every Year Ruah Ministries Team organizes Israel covenant tour with our beloved Pastor Alwin Thomas

“At that time Jerusalem shall be called The Throne of the Lord , and all the nations shall be gathered to it…” (Jeremiah 3: 17)

As led by the Lord, the Ruah Ministries will be celebrating a Pentecost day in the month of May’ 2018 in Jerusalem, to pray for the peace of Israel and to declare the Prophetic word of God to all Nations for the coming days. Come & join us in May 2018, you, your family and friends. This event will be like none other. Many Leading Speakers and Worship Leaders of Christian Ministries have consented to participate with us in prayer. We will also visit few of the Blessed and Anointed Prayer Sites around Jerusalem (Jacob’s Rock, Shiloh, Ephrata’s River, Western Wall, Garden Tomb, Gethsemane, Mt of Olives, etc.) and plead the Lord to pour out “His Spirit of Grace and Supplication” in an overflowing measure.

Kindly mark your calendars and plan to Join Israel Covenent Tour along with Ps.Alwin Thomas and to pray for the peace of the nation of Israel. Please uphold this event in your prayers!

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