Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is not an option for the child of God but a necessary aspect of the life and work of the lord. Prayer Ministry remains the core and basis of Ruah and is the anchor by which it seeks to transmit, transport the breadth of God to revive, regenerate and to revitalises individuals and communities all across the nations. Prayer is the life and breadth of Ruah which steers every action and endeavour of the Ruah ministries.

Deborah Fellowship

Deborah is the personification of leadership, intercession, and victory for the people of Israel. She stood as a mediator and delivered people from slavery and bondage and helped them to inherit the blessing of God. The Deborah fellowship of Ruah church seeks to emulate Deborah as they gather every week on Tuesdays between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for a time of reflection, training, counsel and prayer. The women gather to seek the face of the Lord for the families in the church, and other prayer requests of the church, ministry and for the nation at large. The prayer and fellowship builds and strengthens the Deborah’s of our church.

24/7 Ruah Prayer

24 Hours Telephone Prayer

Our God is a prayer answering God and who asked us to call him in faith. The Ruah prayer team believes in this and seeks the face of the Lord for the prayer requests it receives from all across the world. Near or Far, here or there, you can reach the Ruah prayer time with your prayer requests and queries any time of the day and the prayer warriors will plead the sovereign God with your concerns and requests. Feel free to call us with any of your concerns.

For all your prayer needs call 24/7
Ruah prayer line: +91-8148888777

Hospital Ministry

Village & Hospital Ministry

The great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ is to make disciples of all nations. This mandate of our Lord envisages reaching all ethne (people group) with the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are commanded by the Lord to reach locally and globally with the life transforming message of our Lord. The elders of the Ruah church and the volunteers visit villages and small towns by preaching the gospel and praying for the sick and the needy. Many people accept Lord Jesus Christ as their lord and savior and receive blessings when they are prayed for. The Ruah team visits the sick and the needy in the hospitals and offer their prayers for them by applying oil on them. The Lord graciously answers the prayers of the Ruah team and delivers them from their sicknesses and afflictions. All praise and glory be to our God who uses the earthen vessels in building the kingdom of God.

Prayer Meeting

All Night Prayer Meeting

All Night Prayer’s (3rd Friday 11am – 1pm).

All Night Prayer meeting is held on every third Friday between 10 p.m. till 3 a.m. the following day seeking the face of the lord for the church and for the nation. This intense time of intercession, petition and mediation as faithful stewards of the Church energises the church from within and radiates the breadth of God causing revival and regeneration in the body of Christ. With the rise of the level and intensity of prayers, one can be sure of the mighty intervention of God in our lives, in the churches and in the nations at large. Ruah strongly believes in incessant prayer as the basis for revival and renewal. Be a part of this prayer movement in building the kingdom of God.

Fasting Prayer

Fasting Prayer

Fasting prayer is held every Second Saturday from 10.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. It was a passionate time of seeking the mediation of God in the pressing concerns and issues of the people within the church and outside the church. Fasting prayer is a time of renewing our integrity and fellowship with God, a moment of introspection, regeneration and above all looking for the perceptible deliverance. The church has the responsibility to seek the throne room of God for God’s protection, provision and guidance on the leaders of the country and of the nation at large. Ruah acknowledges that Prayer is the basis for the success and growth of the ministry.