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In the present age, the body of Christ realised its short comings in fulfilling the great commission of the lord Jesus Christ and makes use of all of its resources and personnel in the rapid dissemination of the good news of our Lord. Communication technology ever since its inception is not inimical to Christian proclamation and witnessing. Making use of the medium of visuality, images and icons to transform lives remains the persistent need before the body of Christ.

God had mandated his servant pastor. Alwin Thomas to take the Gospel into every nook and corner of the world. Media and communication technology is one of the tool that is available at our disposal.

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Ruah ministries believes in media and the modern means of communication technology, information technology to reach the unreached with the life transforming words of Jesus Christ. Ruah ministry deems it befitting being a maverick and a path breaker in touching lives all across the world. Ruah ministry believes in reaching the inner most recesses of every homes, in the private confines of every lives and in areas which are hitherto let exposed and that is possible only by making use of the modern means of television and internet.

What we see, what we hear, and what we imagine shapes our life and our being? Ruah Tv is purposed to provide Godly content all across the day to help people to be transformed by the praise and worship and by the words of our true and living God.

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