Ruah Story

October 2004 proved to be momentous in the life of Pastor. Alwin Thomas because it was when God had implanted on him. As he was waiting in the presence of God seeking his direction and guidance for his life and the ministry bestowed on him, God made it clear that his ministry ought to be a path breaking one and that of trendsetting within the body of Christ. This ministry was not something to be built on charisma, performances, creative features and others, but primarily to base itself on the anointing of the Holy Spirit and anchored on Lord Jesus Christ, the revealed word of God. God helped him to understand this through a personal intervention in his family, as his son was miraculously healed by the Breath of God.

The Breath of God, Ruah which transformed the dusts of the earth to hold humanity in the image and likeness of the creator God was what God had insisted for this man of God and the ministries that he is entrusted with. Ruah is meant to revive the dead bones with energy, purpose and to animate it be an army for God. The Ruah ministries birthed on February 19, 2006 as per God’s mandate. Within a short span of time, the breath of God Ruah enabled this ministry in diverse manners and kinds, serving locally, reaching globally, and ministering to young and old, near and far. Ruah is purposed to carry the breath of God and help ignite the body of Christ with a passion for souls, for unceasing thirst with revival and a craving for the mighty manifestation of the Spirit of God to deliver people from the yoke of sin, sickness and bondages.

Envision at the feet of Garden of Gethsemane, Jerusalem.

God spoke to Ps. Alwin @ Gethsemane to reach the young people making use of music, praise, worship by conducting praise and worship concerts, freedom revival crusades, and other musical and cultural extravaganzas. Freedom concerts are not ordinary musical performances but points of mediating the grace and power of God transforming the lost to be children of the kingdom of God and the inheritors of abundant life in Christ and possessors of eternal life. Freedom concerts revolutionised praise and worship from a monotonous ritual into an expression of hope, life and deliverance in the presence and power of God. Nandri songs and Freedom praise and worship series are tangible outcomes of this divine encounter at Gethsemane.