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Our mission is to share the Good of Jesus Christ, loving, faith and serving.

Ruah Ministries exists to spread the breath of God to cause freedom to the oppressed and to instill a fresh revival in the extended body of Christ. We're glad that you are here with us, click below to know more about us.

Rev. Alwin Thomas

Ruah Souls Saved 1M+


In religion, salvation is the saving of the soul from sin and its consequences. It may also be called "deliverance" or "redemption" from sin and its effects. Historically, salvation is considered to be caused only by the grace of God.

Ruah Baptised 1000+


It is an act of obedience symbolizing the believer's faith in a crucified, buried, and risen Saviour, the believer's death to sin, the burial of the old life, and the resurrection to walk in newness of life in Christ Jesus.

Ruah Freedom Crusades Conduct 1200


He received clear instructions from the lord to conduct praise and worship crusades entitled “Freedom” to liberate young people from the yoke of sin and from slavery to christless entanglements.

Ruah Sermons Preached 6000


In Christian churches, a sermon is usually preached in a place of worship, either from an elevated architectural feature, known as a pulpit or an ambo, or from behind a lectern.

Ruah Breath of God

Breath of God. Building Lives.

Ruah Church Exists to spread the breath of God to cause freedom to the oppressed and to instill revival in body of Church.

Our Mission

To lead the people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through worship, word, works of the Holy Spirit By signs

Our Values

Spirit of Excellence in everything and anything we do.

Our Vision

To Bring Revival to individuals, families, churches & Nation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Our Faith

Our unshakable faith is rooted in God’s Vision however big it may be.

Ruah Needs your Hands

Even today as God is increasing the boundaries of our ministry by leaps and bounds we're in desperate need to expand our physical building where all these ministries are carried out. Not having an own place (as we're renting currently) is very limiting talking into consideration all that we do as a ministry, especially our church, due to the lack of space we conduct five services every Sunday where people are accommodated in three overflow rooms excluding the main church arena. God has given us a vision and plans to build a tabernacle to accommodate approximately 2,500 people in a service. Jesus Christ prospering is plan and opening doors for us to buy land to do so. We have completely put our trust upon the Lord and are fervently praying for a breakthrough. I urge you to stand and support us through this journey to bear with me the burden by praying and supporting in whatever way possible.

Upcoming Events

  • Open Heavens Harp & Bowl Conference @ Nagpur

    It's time to advance Through the Open Door of Destiny in the Might of the Lord by His Wisdom! "Harp and Bowl are taken from the pattern of heavenly worship seen in the book of Revelation. The harp speaks of worshipping God with musical instruments and the bowls speak of the intercessory prayers of the Church. "the twenty-four elders fell before the Lamb, each having a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints (Revelation 5:8).

  • Revival BREAK THROUGH @ Bangalore

    The Holy Spirit’s Wisdom and Might are empowering us to advance through our relationship with the Lord. Wisdom and Might together are two of the seven functional (“seven-fold” - Is 11:2) anointings of the Rivers (John 7:38) of the Holy Spirit that are flowing for you in a mighty way! Therefore, we must have Revelation Knowledge and be aware of and attentive to the Seven-Fold flow of the Holy Spirit in this pivotal time.

  • NELLAI Perinba Peruvizha @ Palayankottai

    Great inspiration for this generation to praise, worship and live for the savior Jesus Christ across nations and tongues. During these days, 2 or 3 preachers would be invited for delivering the word of God to the public. Most of the people who come there with severe illness and who come there with mental agony are cured. Thousands are being saved and anointed by His special grace through this ministry.

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