About Vision

Our Vision

To Bring Revival to individuals, families, churches & Nation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission

To lead the people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through worship, word, works of the Holy Spirit By signs & Wonders and Prayer.

Mission Pillars

  1. To do everything in agreement with the Word of God, for the Glory of His Name.
  2. To Raise an end time army of true worshipers into an intimate relationship with God.
  3. Liberating the captives bound in chains to experience complete freedom in Spirit, Soul and Body through the Holy Spirit.
  4. Our unshakable faith is rooted in God’s Vision however big it may be.
  5. We strive to build the kingdom of God through love and not to break through criticism.
  6. A heart of compassion for people both inside and outside the church.
  7. Unquenchable passion to win precious souls for Christ, at any cost.
  8. Open heartedly welcome everyone into the kingdom of God irrespective of who they are.
  9. To Exhibit integrity with every resource God has bestowed upon us.
  10. Spirit of Excellence in everything and anything we do.
  11. Encourage and empower every believer to know their calling and serve God.
  12. Work together in harmony to serve the sole purpose, the body of Christ is called for.