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Bible College

Ruah Church Exists to spread the breath of God to cause freedom to the oppressed and to instill revival in the body of the Church.

Ruah International Bible College

Ruah International Bible College

We revere for many years to provide a place where young men and women of different denominations, backgrounds, and experiences could gather together to study and experience the Glory of God. As you will discover, Ruah International Bible College is not a traditional Bible College. It is a Training center birthed specifically for those whose strongest desire is to Worship in spirit and truth, and where the Word of God and the Holy Spirit come together to produce life, birth ministries and launch them out.

The word will challenge those of you attending to find clarity in your calling, and be challenged by the awesome presence of God. Ruah International Bible College will deepen your relationship and experience in the Lord, and provide you with a new perspective on how to reach others with God’s life-changing power. You can be saturated in the Word and the Spirit of God at Ruah International Bible College. It is the place where you will be empowered to reach your high calling and set your world on the fire with revival.

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Ruah Bible college

Are you ready to join the Army of the Lord? Are you ready to shake the Nations for Christ? Are you ready to be that person that God is searching to reveal His Glory? Do you have it in you? If you do…

Come and join us Let us shake the World For Jesus Christ.