Breath of God, Building Lives. .

Ruah Church Exists to spread the breath of God to cause freedom to the oppressed and to instill revival in the body of the Church.

Ruah Testimonies Of Healing & Blessings Through Ruah Ministries

Testimonies Of Healing & Blessings Through Ruah Ministries

Our God is a God who answers prayers and delivers people from yokes and bondages. He is a miracle-working God who performs great wonders when his children call unto Him. God has anointed his servant Pr. Alwin Thomas to pray for the sick, the needy, the demon-possessed, and people in all kinds of spiritual and moral bondages and when he mediates for the People. The prayer-answering God miraculously intervenes for his people and thus they are delivered from all kinds of the yoke in their lives.

For the past 12 years, Ruah ministries through its freedom concerts, church ministries, and other Ministries witnessed scores of the mighty hand of God delivering people permanently and helping them to enjoy the foretaste of God’s grace and goodness in their very own lives. Numerous testimonies and miracle stories indicate how our merciful and good Lord answers the simple and humble prayers of the faithful ones.

The people who are abandoned by the doctors, family and by near and dear ones have received the mighty deliverance from our Lord when we take our concerns to our God.

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